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Publications in 2013
2016-02-12 17:23  

100. L. Xu, X.-S. Li, M. Crocker, Z.-S. Zhang, A.-M. Zhu, C. Shi, A study of the mechanism of low-temperature SCR of NO with NH3 on MnOx/CeO2, J. Mol. Catal. A: Chem., 378 (2013) 82-90.
99. Chuan Shi, Zhao-shun Zhang, Mark Crocker, Li Xu, Chun-yan Wang, Chaktong Au, Ai-min Zhu,. "Non-thermal plasma-assisted NOx storage and reduction on a LaMn0.9Fe0.1O3 perovskite catalyst." Catalysis Today 2013, 211: 96-103.
98. Zhao, T. L., et al. (2013). "Determination of vibrational and rotational temperatures in a gliding arc discharge by using overlapped molecular emission spectra." Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics 46(34). 

97. Bing-bing Chen, Xiao-bing Zhu, Mark Crocker, Yu Wang, Chuan Shi*, “Complete oxidation of formaldehyde at ambient temperature over g-Al2O3 supported Au catalyst”, Catalysis Communications, 2013, 42: 93-97 
96. Jing-Lin Liu, Xiao-Bing Zhu, Xiao-Song Li, Kai Li, Chuan Shi, Ai-Min Zhu*, “Effect of O2/CH4 ratio on the optimal specific-energy-input (SEI) for oxidative reforming of biogas in a plasma-shade reactor”, Journal of Energy Chemistry, 2013, 22(5):681-684 
95. Jing-Lin Liu, Xiao-Song Li, Xiaobing Zhu, Kai Li, Chuan Shi, Ai-Min Zhu*, “Renewable and high-concentration syngas production from oxidative reforming of simulated biogas with low energy cost in a plasma shade”, Chemical EngineeringJournal, 2013, 234: 240-246 
94. Shi-Xin Liu, Xiao-Song Li, Xiaobing Zhu, Tian-Liang Zhao, Jing-Lin Liu, Ai-Min Zhu*, “Gliding arc plasma synthesis of crystalline TiO2 nanopowders with high photocatalytic activity”, Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing, 2013, 33:827-838.
93. Wang Yu, Zhu Aimin, Chen Bingbing, Crocker Mark, Shi Chuan,"Three-dimensional ordered mesoporous Co-Mn oxide: A highly active catalyst for "storage-oxidation" cycling for the removal of formaldehyde." Catalysis Communications 36: 52-57.
92. Bing-Bing Chen, Chuan Shi*, Mark Crocker, Yu Wang,Ai-Min Zhu**, "Catalytic removal of formaldehyde at room temperature over supported gold catalysts",Applied Catalysis B: Environmental,2013,132-133:245-255
91. Da-Lei Chang, Xiao-Song Li, Tian-Liang Zhao, Ai-Min Zhu*,“Diagnosis of Emission Spectra on Chemical Vapor Deposition of TiO2 System with Atmospheric-Pressure Radio Frequency Plasma",Acta Physico-Chimica Sinica, 2013, 29 (3), 625-630
90. Di Lanbo, Li Xiaosong, Zhao Tianliang, Chang Dalei, Liu Qianqian, Zhu Ai-Min*, "Tuning effect of N2 on atmospheric-pressure cold plasma CVD of TiO2 photocatalytic films", Plasma Science and Technology, 2013,15(1): 64-69

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