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Publications in 2008
2016-02-12 17:20  
53 . Yao, Z. W.; Zhang, A. J.; Li, Y.; Zhang, Y. Z.; Cheng, X. Q.; Shi, C., An investigation of the thermal stability, crystal structure and catalytic properties of bulk and alumina-supported transition metal nitrides. J Alloy Compd 2008, 464 (1-2), 488-496.
52 . Wang, Y.; Zhu, A. M.; Zhang, Y. Z.; Au, C. T.; Yang, X. F.; Shi, C., Catalytic reduction of NO by CO over NiO/CeO2 catalyst in stoichiometric NO/CO and NO/CO/O-2 reaction. Appl Catal B-Environ 2008, 81 (1-2), 141-149.
51 . Wang, W. G.; Xu, Y.; Yang, X. F.; Zhu, A. M.; Liu, Z. W.; Liu, X., Diagnosis of negative hydrogen ions and rovibrational distribution of H-2 molecule in non-thermal plasmas. Eur Phys J D 2008, 46 (1), 103-109.
50 . Wang, L. N.; Liu, Z. W.; Zhu, A. M.; Zhao, G. L.; Xu, Y., Numerical simulation of center dot OH and HO2 center dot radicals in dielectric barrier discharge Plasmas. Acta Phys-Chim Sin 2008, 24 (8), 1400-1404.
49 . Wang, K. J.; Li, X. S.; Wang, H.; Shi, C.; Xu, Y.; Zhu, A. M., Oxygen-Free Conversion of Methane to Ethylene in a Plasma-Followed-by-Catalyst (PFC) Reactor. Plasma Sci Technol 2008, 10 (5), 600-604.
48 . Liu, Z. W.; Yang, X. F.; Zhu, A. M.; Zhao, G. L.; Xu, Y., Determination of the OH radical in atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge plasmas using near infrared cavity ring-down spectroscopy. Eur Phys J D 2008, 48 (3), 365-373.
47 . Liu, Z. W.; Xu, Y.; Yang, X. F.; Zhu, A. M.; Zhao, G. L.; Wang, W. G., Determination of the HO2 radical in dielectric barrier discharge plasmas using near-infrared cavity ring-down spectroscopy. J Phys D Appl Phys 2008, 41 (4), -.
46 . Li, X. S.; Lin, C. K.; Shi, C.; Xu, Y.; Wang, Y. N.; Zhu, A. M., Stable kilohertz spark discharges for high-efficiency conversion of methane to hydrogen and acetylene. J Phys D Appl Phys 2008, 41 (17), -.
45 . Li, X. S.; Bi, Z. H.; Chang, D. L.; Li, Z. C.; Wang, S.; Xu, X.; Xu, Y.; Lu, W. Q.; Zhu, A. M.; Wang, Y. N., Modulating effects of the low-frequency source on ion energy distributions in a dual frequency capacitively coupled plasma. Appl Phys Lett 2008, 93 (3), -.
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