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Publications in 2007
2016-02-12 17:19  
44 . Zhu, A. M.; Nie, L. H.; Wu, Q. H.; Zhang, X. L.; Yang, X. F.; Xu, Y.; Shi, C., Crystalline, uniform-sized TiO2 nanosphere films by a novel plasma CVD process at atmospheric pressure and room temperature. Chem Vapor Depos 2007, 13 (4), 141-+.
43 . Zhang, X. L.; Nie, L. H.; Xu, Y.; Shi, C.; Yang, X. F.; Zhu, A. M., Plasma oxidation for achieving supported TiO2 photocatalysts derived from adsorbed TiCl4 using dielectric barrier discharge. J Phys D Appl Phys 2007, 40 (6), 1763-1768.
42 . Zhang, J.; Lue, F. G.; Xu, Y.; Yang, X. F.; Zhu, A. M., Chemical kinetics of the removal of formaldehyde in dielectric barrier discharges. Acta Phys-Chim Sin 2007, 23 (9), 1425-1431.
41 . Zhang, H. Y.; Zhu, A. M.; Wang, X. K.; Wang, Y.; Shi, C. A., Catalytic performance of Ag-Co/CeO2 catalyst in NO-CO and NO-CO-O-2 system. Catal Commun 2007, 8 (3), 612-618.
40 . Yao, Z. W.; Zhu, A. M.; Chen, J.; Wang, X. K.; Au, C. T.; Shi, C., Synthesis, characterization and activity of alumina-supported cobalt nitride for NO decomposition. J Solid State Chem 2007, 180 (9), 2635-2640.
39 . Wang, W. G.; Xu, Y.; Zhu, A. M.; Liu, Z. W.; Liu, X.; Yang, X. F., Observations of long-lived H-2(-) and D-2(-) ions from non-thermal plasmas. J Phys B-at Mol Opt 2007, 40 (5), 921-933.
38 . Wang, W. G.; Xu, Y.; Geng, Z. C.; Liu, Z. W.; Zhu, A. M., Determination of atomic hydrogen density in non-thermal hydrogen plasmas via emission actinometry. J Phys D Appl Phys 2007, 40 (14), 4185-4191.
37 . Niu, J. H.; Zhu, A. M.; Shi, C.; Fan, H. Y.; Chen, X. M.; Yang, X. F., The reactions and composition of the surface intermediate species in the selective catalytic reduction of NOx, with ethylene over Co-ZSM-5. Res Chem Intermediat 2007, 33 (6), 549-566.
36 . Nie, L. H.; Shi, C.; Xu, Y.; Wu, O. H.; Zhu, A. M., Atmospheric cold plasmas for synthesizing nanocrystalline anatase TiO2 using dielectric barrier discharges. Plasma Process Polym 2007, 4 (5), 574-582.
35 . Li, X. S.; Shi, C.; Xu, Y.; Zhang, X. L.; Wang, K. J.; Zhu, A. M., Pulsed streamer discharge plasma over Ni/HZSM-5 catalysts for methane conversion to aromatics at atmospheric pressure. Plasma Process Polym 2007, 4 (1), 15-18.
34 . Li, X. S.; Shi, C.; Xu, Y.; Wang, K. J.; Zhu, A. M., A process for a high yield of aromatics from the oxygen-free conversion of methane: combining plasma with Ni/HZSM-5 catalysts. Green Chem 2007, 9 (6), 647-653.
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