Laboratory of Plasma Physical Chemistry

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33 . Wang, W. G.; Xu, Y.; Liu, Z. W.; Zhu, A. M.; Wang, W. C., Spectroscopic measurements of atomic hydrogen concentrations in dielectric barrier discharge hydrogen plasmas. Spectrosc Spect Anal 2006, 26 (9), 1589-1593.
32 . Niu, J. H.; Zhu, A. M.; Yang, X. F.; Shi, L. L.; Xu, Y.; Wang, X. K.; Shi, C., Composition of the surface intermediate species in selective catalytic reduction of NOx with ethylene over Co-ZSM-5. Chinese J Catal 2006, 27 (10), 837-839.
31 . Niu, J. H.; Yang, X. F.; Zhu, A. M.; Shi, L. L.; Sun, Q.; Xu, Y.; Shi, C., Plasma-assisted selective catalytic reduction of NOx by C2H2 over Co-HZSM-5 catalyst. Catal Commun 2006, 7 (5), 297-301.
30 . Li, X. S.; Shi, C.; Wang, K. J.; Zhang, X. L.; Xu, Y.; Zhu, A. M., High yield of aromatics from CH4 in a plasma-followed-by-catalyst (PFC) reactor. AICHE J 2006, 52 (9), 3321-3324.
29 . Ding, H. X.; Zhu, A. M.; Lu, F. G.; Xu, Y.; Zhang, J.; Yang, X. F., Low-temperature plasma-catalytic oxidation of formaldehyde in atmospheric pressure gas streams. J Phys D Appl Phys 2006, 39 (16), 3603-3608.
Laboratory of Plasma Physical Chemistry, Dalian University of Technology