Laboratory of Plasma Physical Chemistry

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127. Bin Zhu, Jing-Lin Liu, Xiao-Song Li, Jin-Bao Liu, Xiaobing Zhu*, Ai-Min Zhu*, “In-situ regeneration of Au nanocatalysts by atmospheric-pressure air plasma: Regeneration characteristics of square-wave pulsed plasma”, Topics in Catalysis, 2017, accepted

126. Xiaobing Zhu, Jian-Hao Liu, Xiao-Song Li, Jing-Lin Liu, Xin Qu, Ai-Min Zhu*, “Enhanced effect of plasma on catalytic reduction of CO2 to CO with hydrogen over Au/CeO2 at low temperature”, Journal of Energy Chemistry, 2017, in press

125. Si-Yuan Zhang, Xiao-Song Li, Jin-Bao Liu, Jing-Lin Liu*, He-Ping Li*, Ai-Min Zhu, “Dimensionless factors for an alternating-current non-thermal arc plasma”, Physics of Plasmas, 2016, 23: 120707

124. Hao-Yu Lian, Xiao-Song Li, Jing-Lin Liu, Xiaobing Zhu*, Ai-Min Zhu*, “Oxidative pyrolysis reforming of methanol in warm plasma for an on-board hydrogen production”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2017, in press, DOI: 10.1016/j.ijhydene.2016.10.166

123. Xiao-Qing Deng, Jing-Lin Liu, Xiao-Song Li, Bin Zhu, Xiaobing Zhu*, Ai-Min Zhu*, “Kinetic study on visible-light photocatalytic removal of formaldehydefrom air over plasmonic Au/TiO2”, Catalysis Today, 2017, 281: 630-635

122. Xiao-Qing Deng, Xiaobing Zhu*, Zhi-Guang Sun, Xiao-Song Li, Jing-Lin Liu, Chuan Shi, Ai-Min Zhu, “Exceptional activity for photocatalytic mineralization of formaldehyde over amorphous titania nanofilms”, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2016, 306: 1001-1009

121. Xiao-Qing Deng, Bin Zhu, Xiao-Song Li, Jing-Lin Liu, Xiaobing Zhu*, Ai-Min Zhu*, “Visible-light photocatalytic oxidation of CO over plasmonic Au/TiO2: unusual features of oxygen plasma activation”, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2016, 188: 48-55 

120. Yang Liu, Xiao-Song Li, Jing-Lin Liu, Junliang Wu, Daiqi Ye, Ai-Min Zhu*, “Cycled storage-discharge (CSD) plasma catalytic removal of benzene over AgMn/HZSM-5 using air as discharge gas”, Catalysis Science & Technology, 2016, 6: 3788-3796

119. Kai Li, Jing-Lin Liu, Xiao-Song Li, Xiaobing Zhu*, Ai-Min Zhu*, “Warm plasma catalytic reforming of biogas in a heat-insulated reactor: dramatic energy efficiency and catalyst auto-reduction”, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2016, 288: 671-679


Laboratory of Plasma Physical Chemistry, Dalian University of Technology